15-16 School Year

2015-2016 Daybreak Spring Show: The Great American Songbook

Take The "A" Train.MPG

Take The "A" Train

For All We Know/ Bows.MPG

For All We Know/ Bows

Standing On The Corner.MPG

Standing On The Corner

Baby Don't You Want To Go.MPG

Baby Don't You Want To Go

Good Morning.MPG

Good Morning

Varsity Women's Choir At 2016 TMEA Convention in San Antonio

The SHS Varsity Women's Choir got invited to perform at the 2016 TMEA convention in San Antonio. This was a huge honor and at the time Sunnyvale was the only 3A high school to ever be invited to perform at TMEA, the other 11 schools that joined SHS at the convention were either 5A or 6A. Hundreds of schools including middle schools, high schools and colleges from around the entire state send recordings in to be selected to perform at the convention and only 12 get selected each year. 

"I wasn't able to record our performance at the convention but I hope you enjoy the preview concert at the Mesquite Art's Center the week before our performance in San Antonio."

-Cameron Justice: Daybreak photographer & videographer (Class of 2017) 

TMEA Girls Preview Show.MPG