17-18 School Year

"One of the greatest pleasures I had while working with Daybreak while I was in high school was training the next generation of techies to take over after I left. Josh John was someone that I worked with very closely my last year and who I was more than happy to pass the video and photography torch to after I graduated in 2017. Josh continued working with Daybreak along with performing until his graduation and my return in 2019. I am very happy to bring his archive together with mine here on the choir website."

- Cameron Justice: Daybreak photographer & videographer

(Class of 2017)

2017-2018 Daybreak Spring Show: Daybreak On Tour

Senior Videos 2018.mp4

Senior Interviews

Kayla Rabb

Tanner Roberts

Madi Wilson

Ease On Down The Road.mp4

Ease On Down The Road

15. Chicago

Chicago In Concert

27. God Bless the USA

God Bless The USA